A downloadable game for Windows

Jump into an alternate world of a child's nightmares. In order to survive you must stay put and face your fears head on, because when you move or attack you produce light, and when there is light, the monsters can see you.

Hope you enjoy my sucky entry for the Cherry Jam :)... Let me know what you think by commenting below.

Controls: [W,A,S,D] for movement, [Space] for jump; [LMB] for left attack, [RMB] for right attack, [E] to activate items (button prompts showcase what items)
Sorry there is no control support yet, I may add it in the future, but until then it is just keyboard and mouse :/


Dungeon of Their Mind x32 Update 1.zip 412 MB
Dungeon of Their Mind x64 Update 1.zip 432 MB
Dungeon of Their Mind - Lower Graphics x32 Update 1.zip 132 MB

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