Update 1: It no longer screams at you

Hello! You stuck around long enough to check out the first update :) I'm honestly suprised.
This update fixes some of the many issues the game had. But I'm sure there is plenty more to fix in there still, but this update should make the game at least bearable from start to "finish".

This update should fix the following:

  • The game screaming at your face is now fixed (volume is now correct, this was most notably brought to my attention by Ferret On The Rocks, thanks for checking out the game at all really :) ) This is why it ended up like that btw:
    Audio Issues Image 1
    (Should have checked this first huh)
  • Issues with the camera angle and possibly animations in the "Bed Scene" should *crosses fingers* be resolved
  • Doors being hard to see due to poor lighting are now lit properly
  • Infinite death loops if you continue holding movement or attack after dying is no longer an issue
  • The sluggish movement on the "typerope" is a bit more bearable (I just generally increased movement speed overall)
  • It is clearer where to go in the forest area (or so I hope)
  • There are a few less gaps that lead to the void now
  • There is a lower quality graphics version for those who couldn't quite play the game as it was (let me know if I still need to adjust the settings more)
    • In the lower quality version I removed a lot of the extra files that were in the starter content of ue4, I plan to do this with the other versions should there be another update, cause it brings down the file size by 300mb or so, which is a lot, I just have yet to export the other versions since I thought of doing that only after exporting the others.

Hopefully these combined makes the experience better, and if there is any other fixes I should implement let me know and I'll try my best :)



Dungeon of Their Mind x32 Update 1.zip 412 MB
Aug 01, 2017
Dungeon of Their Mind x64 Update 1.zip 432 MB
Aug 01, 2017
Dungeon of Their Mind - Lower Graphics x32 Update 1.zip 132 MB
Aug 01, 2017

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